Years of protection with one application of ToughGuard®

ToughGuard® protects gel coat, metal and glass surfaces against challenging marine environmental elements. Achieve years of protection with one application of ToughGuard® reducing maintenance and labour costs.

Performance and Durability

  • Long Lasting protection
    ToughGuard® lasts for years, not weeks of months like all other products on the market. One application of ToughGuard® can last 4-5 years. Waxes and polishes deteriorate from heat exposure and the constant attack from marine environmental elements. They absorb grime and pollutants and wash away quickly. Vessels protected by ToughGuard® are protected for years and require less time for routine cleaning and maintenance increasing time on the water.
  • Protect against the Ultra Violet (UV) damage
    ToughGuard® possesses natural UV inhibitors protecting the gel coated surfaces against the costly and ugly effects of oxidation, colour fade and chalking.
  • Simplify clean up
    ToughGuard® repels debris buildup such as salt crystal adhesion and sea growth expediting clean-up and maintenance and providing lasting shine and protection. Bird droppings, salt and pollutants wipe away quickly and easily, minimising labour costs.

Boost Performance and Fuel Efficiency

  • Minimise drag
    ToughGuard® nano-particles fill and smooth microscopic surface pores, resulting in less drag, optimising performance and fuel efficiency.
  • Make a lasting impression
    By keeping surfaces looking new, ToughGuard® helps to maintain and improve corporate and personal brand identity, making a positive impression and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Protect the Environment

  • Minimise impact
    Because ToughGuard® helps prevent debris buildup and makes vessels easier to clean, less water and fewer cleaning chemicals are needed for routine maintenance and cleaning. Saving fresh water and reducing chemical usage helps our local and global environments.
  • Reduce carbon emissions
    Decreased surface friction also results in reduced carbon emissions and greater fuel economy helping to reduce your global carbon footprint.