Proven Durability

ToughGuard®’s Nanoscience protective coating increases efficiencies, value and the appearance of aircraft. Proven durability as tested by some of the world’s most recognisable commercial, corporate, private and military aircraft.


  • ToughGuard provides lasting protection and performance on aircraft for a minimum of 3-4 years depending on variables.  ToughGuard has a high temp thermal threshold of +450 F and a low temp thermal threshold of -80 Fahrenheit.  Traditional waxes and polishes deteriorate from heat exposure, absorb buildup and pollutants and wash away with detergents.
  • ToughGuard protects against harmful environmental elements such as: rain erosion, UV damage, pollution, acid rain, bug and bird residuals, hydraulic fluids, exhaust and carbon buildup and other man made chemicals.
  • ToughGuard protected aircraft reduce the amount of time required to maintain a clean appearance thereby reducing labour costs.


  • ToughGuard’s Nano sized molecules fill in and smooth out the painted surfaces at the microscopic level, then bonds with the paint creating a protective barrier coat between the paint and harmful environmental elements. This extremely durable barrier coat reduces attachment points for dirt and other types of contaminants to get a hold of on the surface.
  • Reducing parasitic drag reduces the costly effect of the “Fuel Burn Penalty” resulting from flying aircraft that have accumulated dirt and carbon buildup at or below eye level observations.
  • A cleaner aircraft is simply a more efficient and better performing aircraft.


  • ToughGuard’s barrier protects the paint against surface degradation. Because the paint is protected against harmful environmental factors the lifetime of the paint is extended by up to 50% of the normal paint life expectation.
  • Protect your Image – By preserving the “like-new condition” of painted surfaces, ToughGuard will help protect commercial, corporate and personal image, making a positive impact on your brand identity, customer awareness and loyalty.

Positive Environmental Impact

  • ToughGuard is non-hazardous and environmentally sound and safe. In fact, ToughGuard is a water based product and has very low VOCs.
  • Because ToughGuard impedes dirt and other contaminants from adhering to the painted surfaces the need for water, detergents and chemicals needed to maintain a clean aircraft is greatly reduced.
  • Increased fuel efficiency is a net result of maintaining clean aircraft.