Nanoscience technology

Preserve that “show-room shine” while protecting your investment with ToughGuard’s proven Nanoscience technology.

True Aviation Grade Protection

New generation sealants claim to be “aviation grade” and talk a good “sexy” game, but these products do not hold up to the ironclad performance and history of ToughGuard®. Commercial, corporate, US Military and private aircraft customers have all benefited from the durability and performance of ToughGuard® for years. Test results are backed by certified, accredited, independent testing laboratories. These test results coupled with real world results and years of customer satisfaction prove not only the validity of our product, but for its superiority over competing products.

Up to a Five Year Guarantee

ToughGuard® NZ Limited offers up to a five year warranty. A one-time application by an approved applicator is guaranteed to ensure our customers with an impressive lasting and protected coating for at least three years and up to five years depending on the substrate.

Protect the Environment

Minimise Impact
Because ToughGuard® helps to repel dirt, pollutants and other types of debris,  a significant savings of water and a reduction of detergents is realised for routine cleaning and maintenance, resulting in a positive impact for our environment.

Reduce Carbon Emissions
Decreased surface friction results in reduced carbon emissions, greater fuel economy and lowering your global carbon footprint.

Simplify Cleanup
Other sealants, polymers, traditional waxes and polishes deteriorate from heat exposure, absorb buildup and pollutants and wash away with washing detergents. But ToughGuard® actually repels dirt and dust, making clean-up easier while providing the ultimate shine and protection. Bug residue, bird droppings, salt adhesion, pollutants and road grime wash away quickly and easily, minimising labour, usage of water and chemicals.