ToughGuard Jolt


474 mL Tough Guard Jolt

High powered cleaning action for carbon, soot, grease & hydraulic fluid removal.

  • Phosphate free
  • Water soluble
  • Readily biodegradable



This cleaner is a liquid concentrate designed for the use of carbon, soot, grease and hydraulic fluid. Either spray on, wipe or mop on surface, then agitate with soft brush, sponge or cloth. Wash off or wipe off before cleaner dries.

1 – 11 – 301 – 401 – 601 – 80Amount of water used app
Heavy DegreasingHeavy CleaningMed. CleaningMed. CleaningLight Cleaning
4 L120mL90mL60mL45mL4 L
4 L240mL180mL120mL90mL8 L
4 L360mL270mL180mL135mL12 L
4 L480mL360mL240mL180mL16 L


Alkanolamine, 2-Butoxyethanol, Sodium Hydroxide, Builders, Detergents.

Please read SDS information prior to use.