Cutting Edge Technology

TOUGHGUARD’s unique resin/polymer formulation bonds with surfaces, providing a perfectly clear, Nano-thin barrier coat protecting against destructive environmental elements and man-made contaminants for years.

TOUGHGUARD Protects For Years

ToughGuard® lasts years not months. ToughGuard sets industry standards for performance and durability. Even the “high-end” Carnauba waxes and other sealants and polymer products on the market only last for months due to melting off or washing off. ToughGuard’s ® high temperature thermal threshold is 450ºf making it virtually impossible to melt off like the “competitive” products.

Much more than a wax or other sealants and polymers, TOUGHGUARD bonds to painted and metal surfaces creating a Nano-thin barrier preventing penetration by destructive environmental elements and man-made contaminants. TOUGHGUARD is free of Teflon® and silicon, contains anti-static properties and is the only product of its kind that employs Nanoscience technology to create a perfectly smooth surface that reduces drag and literally repels dust and debris.

Why Nanotechnology?

Even the smoothest surfaces contain microscopic gaps and crevices. Without adequate protection, debris and contaminants can penetrate and degrade these areas.

TOUGHGUARD is the only protectant available in the global market that is scientifically proven to be true Nano-science technology. TOUGHGUARD nano-particles are so microscopically small they completely fill microscopic gaps and crevices then self-level across the surface to create an ultra-smooth surface and deep shine and protection that outlast every leading paint treatment, wax or sealant.

TOUGHGUARD provides value through performance – no other product on the market comes close.

Commitment to Research and Development

The HR TOUGHGUARD Company is committed to investing significant resources toward Research and Development with the goal of providing our customers with the industry’s best performing product. HR TOUGHGUARD is constantly exploring new ways to improve our current product line as well as developing new products. HR TOUGHGUARD is engaged with one of the world’s most advanced Nanoscience research laboratories along with several other highly credentialed testing facilities across North America. Coordination and collaboration of our R&D efforts are headed by a world renowned coatings researcher who is responsible for many U.S. patents in the field of chemical coatings. Our commitment to product improvement and new product development ensures customers the most cutting edge products available for today and in the future.

TOUGHGUARD surface Testing and analysis Results

This actual 3D picture shows the microscopic roughness of a painted surface that has not been coated with TOUGHGUARD. This surface measured at an average of 170 nm.

One coat of TOUGHGUARD shows the difference. After just one coat of TOUGHGUARD, the surface roughness measurement was reduced to an average of 110 nm.

Superior Surface Protection

Road grime, insects, and UV rays are no problem when your vehicle is protected with ToughGuard. Spend less time taking care of it and more time enjoying it. Reduce time spent cleaning and maintaining, Protect the value and appearance, Extend your enjoyment time.

We specialise in long-lasting surface protection, surface preparation and professional cut and polish.

ToughGuard applicators also provide a high quality, premium cut and polish on your vehicle / boat / motorhome / caravan. We can remove oxidation and other markings off the surface, and in most cases regain the original stunning, showroom shine your asset had when it was brand new. We then protect it with ToughGuard, ensuring that the recaptured, original deep shine stays that way. This is particularly ideal for enhancing the resale value. If you are selling your boat / car / motorhome / caravan, contact us and we can ensure you will attract a premium level price.