Customer Testimonials

Paul and Gail from Kaiapoi are ready for an extended holiday! 14.9 metres of freedom, fully protected and deeply shiny! A mobile hotel room with all the amenities.

Check out that shine on the Dodge Ram! You can use it to comb your hair…!

Even tractors look brand new after a ToughGuard application!

Martin and Pat of Christchurch are so delighted with their motorhome they happily recommend ToughGuard to anyone.

ToughGuard increases fuel burn efficiency by reducing friction and cleaning time for aircraft

“Cheers Mike. She looks great. It has really brought out that shine, and cleaned up all the oxidation beautifully.” John, Christchurch, Oct 2015

Looks fantastic! It’s beautiful, with a really deep shine.” Sue, Kaiapoi, Oct 2015

Compare before and after! ‘It looks absolutely beautiful! What a lovely finish, and it feels so velvety and smooth. It absolutely exceeded our expectations – thank you so much Mike! John and Zeta, Fendalton Christchurch Oct 2015.

There’s always the Corvette to look at. The owner is ecstatic!

Mike’s pride and joy.

Having used ToughGuard on for the first time several years ago, I now would not buy a car and not apply it. The shine and durability it provides is beyond anything I have ever used. People comment on it all the time even when I have not washed for some time. ToughGuard just seems not to allow dirt to adhere to the finish or there it just hoses off with water.Always leaves a silky smooth feel and lustrous shine.” – Vancouver, Washington