OUR Promise

ToughGuard is fully committed to providing excellent service and a premium-level product throughout New Zealand, whether it’s supplying you with ToughGuard D I Y product for your own use or our full commercial application solution.

ToughGuard NZ’s foundation is principled on operating an ethical and honourable company and delivering superior products to the marketplace, insuring great value for our customers.

TOUGHGUARD has proven its unparalleled value in the aviation, automotive, recreational and marine markets for years. Today, TOUGHGUARD is sold internationally and continues to gain momentum as the undisputed leader in surface protection.

Drop us an email at info@toughguard.co.nz if you would like to hear more about ToughGuard, or if you would like to become a ToughGuard Product Re-Seller or Commercial Applicator.

“There’s simply nothing on the market better than TOUGHGUARD – it is the best of the best!”


For more information about how TOUGHGUARD can help you or your organisation, contact our team today.