TOUGHGUARD® Works Hard Everywhere

Are you looking to reduce maintenance costs and increase the asset life of your Green Energy resources? Environmental contaminants reduce the efficiency of Green Energy equipment making it difficult to achieve optimal performance. TOUGHGUARD is versatile enough to help solar panels and wind turbines resist excessive degradation from these elements.

Minimize Labor and Upkeep

  • Save Time
 — TOUGHGUARD outlasts traditional waxes and sealants by up to five years and substantially reduces upkeep and labor costs.
  • Simplify Cleanup — TOUGHGUARD repels dirt and dust, expediting clean-up and providing shine and protection. Bird droppings, dirt, pollutants and other debris wipe away quickly, minimizing labor costs.
  • Repaint Less Often — TOUGHGUARD increases paint life by up to 50%, keeping painted surfaces in like-new condition far longer than leading waxes and sealants.

Protect the Environment

  • Minimise Impact — Because TOUGHGUARD® repels dirt, dust and debris, you’ll save water and minimise the impact of detergents on the environment.
  • Reduce Carbon Emissions — Depending upon the application, decreased surface friction results in reduced carbon emissions and greater fuel economy.

Boost Performance

  • Guard Against the Elements — TOUGHGUARD extends asset life, protecting surfaces against corrosion, degradation, oxidation, UV rays, pollutants, minerals and harsh weather.
  • Reduce Drag by 39% — TOUGHGUARD nano-particles fill and smooth microscopic pores in the surface, resulting in a 39% reduction in drag, boosting the performance and efficiency of moving parts.
  • Make A Lasting Impression — By keeping surfaces in like-new condition longer, TOUGHGUARD helps protect your brand reputation and enhance customer satisfaction.